Nordic Region Overview

The Nordic Markets consist of Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland and Iceland. 187,000 Nordic visitors came to the island of Ireland in 2011.  The Nordic holidaymakers represented our largest market of short‐breakers with three‐quarters of these visitors staying 1‐5 nights.

Hotels are very popular among these visitors, more popular than with any other market, with every second (54%) Nordic holidaymaker staying in this type of accommodation in 2011. Approximately two‐thirds of Nordic holidaymakers booked their accommodation online.

Dublin was the destination of choice for most (90%) Nordic holidaymakers and the majority of these remained in this region.

Most travel independently and do not use a car during their visit (83%).

It was a first visit for three‐quarters of our Nordic holidaymakers in 2011.

The Nordics provided the island of Ireland with the second largest market of C2’s (13%), after Great Britain.
Nordic holidaymakers tend to be over 35 years of age and while most are categorised as Sightseers and Culture Seekers, they have the largest share of Social Adventurers and Relaxers, across all markets.

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