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114,000 Canadians visited Ireland in 2011.

Four‐in‐five Canadian holidaymakers visited between May and September in 2011.

The most popular length of stay for Canadian holidaymakers is 9‐14 nights (42%), though more than one‐third (37%) do a shortbreak of 1‐5 night as part of a larger European tour.

Hotels are by far the most preferred accommodation type (44%) though Guesthouses & B&B’s are also popular (26%) among Canadian visitors.

Dublin, the South‐West and West are the most popular regions visited by Canadian tourists. Canadian tourists tend to tour
around and are the most likely group of holidaymakers to have two bases during the course of their vacation.

Just over one‐quarter (27%) of Canadian holidaymakers hired a car during their trip on the island of Ireland.

One‐third (34%) of Canadian holidaymakers travelled on a package holiday in 2011, more than from any other market.

Two‐fifths of Canadian holidaymakers booked some part of the trip online (41%), less than any other market. However, this is a pattern observed with other longhaul markets.

A large portion of Canadian holidaymakers (76%) in 2011 were experiencing the island of Ireland for the first time.

Canada provides the island of Ireland with its highest proportion (92%) of ABC1’s.



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